Welcome to my school board website everyone. Here you'll find my reasons for running for school board a second time and my goals.

My number one reason for running again is always because of students. That passion that I found 3 years ago is still there today. I believe that the way that I have a voice that can not only speak with students, but also speak for them and represent their voices accurately, not with my own subtitles.

Always About Students First!!!!!!

Hear input from the ones that are with students more than anyone else. Our educators are the second best resources to help us understand what students are experiencing, thinking and saying in the classrooms. Educators have been easy targets for bullying across our country since Covid happened. Parents need to be more respectful and appreciative of who their children are with all day long for 5 days a week.

Show Some Gratitude!!!!!

Unity is one the most important value in life. Without unity, there's chaos. I have always been upfront, honest and open with whomever I'm talking to. I plan to always be that way. There are some parts of the community that will complain no matter what, but it's up to us as a district to bridge that gap, to change the relationship that seems broken. I also believe that it's important to work together and have respectful communications.

Community Unity!!!!!